Protimeter Digital Mini - BLD5702


Product Description

Invasive (pin type) electrical conductivity measurement. Pins should be pushed against surface, not necessarily into surface, to obtain a reading. Pins can penetrate up to 12mm if needed. Displays percentage moisture content of wood or Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) of non-wood materials. Normal range for wood is considered to be approx. 6 to 12% moisture content.

Displays relative moisture content digitally on backlit LCD display and also arc LED ?traffic light? display: GREEN Dry (70-169) ; YELLOW At Risk (170-199) ; RED Wet (200-999)
Dimensions: 190x70x49 mm. Complete with carry pouch with belt loop, extension probe, 2 spare pins and calibration check device. 9V battery supplied. 2 year warranty.