Wakol Express Primer/DPM PU280


Product Description

One component polyurethane resin primer (1 coat) or DPM (2 coats). Solvent and water free for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, quick drying and odourless.
Apply one coat only over anhydrite screeds.
Overcoat within 24 hours with MS260 or MS230 adhesives or with D3045 primer if applying screed. When using as a moisture barrier, apply the 2 coats crosswise to each other.
Apply thinly. Clean with acetate or ethanol.
One coat will suppress 3% moisture, 2 coats will suppress 6%. Over underfloor heating max 3%.

Coverage: 5kg tub - as Primer = 40m2 / DPM = 17m2
  11kg tub - as Primer = 88m2 / DPM = 37m2
Drying time: 45 minutes per coat.
Application: Brush / roller.