26T Acoustic Board


Product Description

18mm V313 P5 grade moisture resistant chipboard bonded to 8mm reconstituted acoustic chip foam, provides impact and airborne sound reduction. Laid straight over subfloor in a brickbond pattern, foam side down with all joints tightly interlocked and fully PVA glued.
The finish flooring can be laid floating on an underlay or fully bonded using Wakol MS260..

Dimensions: 26 x 600 x 1200mm (0.72sqm).
Weight: 18.80kg per panel (13.06kg/sqm)
Material: Chipboard with reconstituted acoustic chip foam
Impact sound reduction: Circa 33dB*

IMPORTANT : Fit the Angled Flanking Band (see page #) around the room perimeter as you lay the boards, skirting is then fitted on top of this band, which can then be trimmed off. If skirting is already on, fit the Isolation strip (see page #) against the skirting before laying the boards, this can be trimmed as necessary after installation of the boards.

*When installed as part of a complete party floor construction the system enables a timber floor to meet the sound transmission standards of Approved Document E 2003 and amendments in 2004, 2010, 2013 & 2015.