Quickstep Radiator Pipe Covers


Product Description

To fit either 15mm or 22mm pipes.
Both 15 & 22mm are included in each pack.
If you wish us to match the colour to your order, please select MATCHING from the dropdown.

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 1:

  • U1235: Eligna Vintage Oak Natural Varnished
  • U1300: Eligna Merbau
  • CLM1290: Classic Bleached White Teak

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 3:

  • LPU1396: Largo Light Rustic Oak
  • IM1858: Impressive Sawcut Oak Grey
  • EXQ1557: Exquisa Crafted Textile Tiles

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 5:

  • U864: Eligna Homage Oak Natural Oiled
  • U866: Eligna White Brushed Pine
  • CL1016: Classic Enhanced Beech

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 6:

  • UF1248: Arte Wood - Versailles White Oiled

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 7:

  • LPU1283: Largo White Varnished Oak
  • IM3105: Impressive White Varnished Oak
  • UW1538: Eligna Wide Oak White Oiled
  • U915: Eligna Old Oak Matt Oiled
  • UE1303: Elite Worn Light Oak
  • CLM3185: Classic Windsor Oak Light

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 8:

  • LPU1285: Largo White Vintage Oak
  • LPU1622: Largo Dominicano Oak Natural
  • LPU1661: Largo Long Island Oak Natural
  • UE1304: Elite Light Grey Varnished Oak
  • UE1406: Elite Old Oak Light Grey
  • CLM1291: Classic Bleached White Oak
  • CLM1405: Classic Old Oak Light Grey
  • CLM1655: Classic Havanna Oak Natural
  • CR3177: Creo Charlotte Oak Brown
  • CR3179: Creo Tennessee Oak Light
  • EXQ1555: Exquisa Ceramic Dark Tiles

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 9:

  • LPU1286: Largo Grey Vintage Oak
  • IM1849: Impressive Classic Oak Brown
  • CR3183: Creo Virginia Oak Brown

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 10:

  • CLM1382: Classic Old Oak Grey

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 11:

  • IM1850: Impressive Scraped Oak Grey Brown
  • IM1856: Impressive Soft Oak Warm Grey
  • U312: Eligna Wenge
  • CLM1487: Classic Midnight Oak Natural

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 12:

  • LPU1284: Largo Natural Varnished Oak
  • LPU1662: Largo Cambridge Oak Natural
  • IM1848: Impressive Classic Oak Natura
  • IM1855: Impressive Soft Oak Natural
  • IM3106: Impressive Natural Varnished Oak
  • UW1539: Eligna Wide Oak Natural Oiled
  • UW1541: Eligna Wide Reclaimed Chestnut Natural
  • U860: Eligna Vintage Oak Dark Varnished
  • U896: Eligna Wenge Passionata
  • U918: Eligna Harvest Oak
  • UE1388: Elite Old Oak Grey
  • UE1491: Elite White Oak Light
  • UE1493: Elite Old White Oak Natural
  • CL998: Classic Enhanced Oak Nat. Varnished
  • CLM1659: Classic Moonlight Oak Natural
  • CLM3184: Classic Windsor Oak Natural
  • CR3176: Creo Louisiana Oak Natural
  • RIC1424: Rustic Natural Hickory
  • RIC1497: Rustic White Oak Light
  • RIC1498: Rustic White Oak Natural

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 13:

  • U995: Eligna Antique Oak

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 14:

  • UW1548: Eligna Wide Oak With Saw Cuts Nature
  • U1157: Eligna Dark Varnished Oak
  • UE1492: Elite White Oak Medium
  • CLM1292: Classic Natural Varnished Oak
  • UF1155: Arte Wood - Versailles Light

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 16:

  • LPU1288: Largo Natural Varnished Merbau
  • U996: Eligna Natural Varnished Cherry
  • CL1039: Classic Enhanced Merbau

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 17:

  • UW1543: Eligna Wide Reclaimed Chestnut Antique
  • U1001: Eligna Natural Varnished Oak
  • U1043: Eligna White Varnished Oak
  • CLM1381: Classic Old Oak Natural
  • RIC1429: Rustic White Oak Brown
  • RIC1678: Rustic Smoked Oak

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 18:

  • UE1496: Elite Old White Oak Dark
  • RIC1415: Rustic Pacific Walnut
  • RIC1426: Rustic Autumn Hickory
  • RIC1427: Rustic Coffee Bean Hickory

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 20:

  • IM1862: Impressive Burned
  • UW1540: Eligna Wide Fumed Oak Dark
  • U1000: Eligna Varnished Beech

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 22:

  • UF1401: Arte Leather Tile Light
  • UF1402: Arte Leather Tile Dark
  • EXQ1554: Exquisa Ceramic Light Tiles

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 23:

  • U861: Eligna Oiled Walnut
  • UF1400: Arte Marble Carrara
  • EXQ1550: Exquisa Slate Black Tiles
  • EXQ1551: Exquisa Slate Black Galaxy Tiles

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 24:

  • IM1859: Impressive White

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 25:

  • IM1854: Impressive Soft Oak Beige
  • IM1857: Impressive Sawcut Oak Beige
  • UF1246: Arte Polished Concrete Natural
  • UF1247: Arte Polished Concrete Dark

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 26:

  • IM1847: Impressive Classic Oak Beige
  • IM1853: Impressive Sandblasted Oak Natural
  • IM1860: Impressive Natural Pine
  • CR3182: Creo Virginia Oak Natural

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 27:

  • LPU1505: Largo Authentic Oak
  • LPU1660: Largo Long Island Oak Light
  • LPU1663: Largo Dominicano Oak Grey
  • LPU1664: Largo Cambridge Oak Dark
  • CLM1488: Classic Midnight Oak Brown
  • CL1653: Classic Reclaimed White Patina Oak
  • CR3180: Creo Tennessee Oak Natural
  • CR3181: Creo Tennessee Oak Grey

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 28:

  • LPU1507: Largo Pacific Oak
  • IM1861: Impressive Concrete Wood

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 29:

  • UW1544: Eligna Wide Reclaimed Chestnut Brown

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 30:

  • EXQ1553: Exquisa Ceramic White Tiles
  • EXQ1556: Exquisa Tivoli Travertine Tiles

Quickstep Pipe Ferrule - 31:

  • UW1535: Eligna Wide Morning Oak Light
  • CR3178: Creo Charlotte Oak White
  • EXQ1552: Exquisa Slate Dark Tiles