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Taurus R45 Primer

Product Code: TAR4505

Flooring Sales launch their new ‘Return Reward Scheme’ for own brand Taurus adhesives and primer We now have in stock two new MS adhesives, H22 for solid wood floors and H16 for engineered flooring along with our new PU primer R45. These are top quality products, competitively priced for professional use. In addition we will soon be launching our own brand lacquers. At the same time we are introducing a ‘Return Reward Scheme’ whereby we will pay you to return your empty tubs of our own branded Taurus products.

Why are we launching this scheme?
At Flooring Sales we are concerned about single use plastics and believe that plastics should be viewed as a recoverable resource rather than simply being landfilled. We will ensure that all returned containers will be recycled in the UK, rather than being sent overseas for reprocessing, as happens with much of the current plastics for recycling. This has frequently led to plastics being indiscriminately dumped or to illegal uncontrolled incineration, resulting in unnecessary environmental pollution.

How it works
When you return your empty Taurus containers, we will pay you £1 for each adhesive container or 50p for the primer containers. Alternately you can defer the payment to be paid to the charity ‘Plastic Oceans UK’. We do ask you to please ensure that the containers are empty and are clean. As a business, we will take responsibility for the ‘waste’ our own products produce and invite you to join us in our efforts to keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment.